My work is an abstracted visual account of the landscapes I have come to call home. I have climbed, crawled and squeezed through the Earths fractures witnessing time in terms of geological features. By reclaiming clay, I manipulate time, temperature, water, and this process allows me to construct the raw material that becomes my personal geologic recording. The sculptures archive specific spaces and are a homage to the surreal worlds I have explored. By presenting these works, I hope to trigger the basic genetic code of decency and preservation for our natural world.

Professional Experience

 For 20 years I was a professional stylist collaborating with photographers, art directors, hair and makeup artists producing images for advertising campaigns, videos and film. Simultaneously, I was exploring the desert southwest as a rock climber spending days on big walls and traveling to remote rock formations. Melding the two, I am a ceramic artist making sculptures out of reclaimed clay inspired by my adventures in the desert landscape.


2020 Creative Interpretations of the theme RITUAL, Burton Barr Library, Phoenix, AZ

2019 Vanguard Award Exhibition, Phoenix Museum of Art, Phoenix, AZ

2019 Vanguard Showcase, Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2018 Vanguard Showcase, Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2016 AZ State Fair Art Exhibition (Ceramics & Sculpture)


2019 Eric Fischl Vanguard Award, Carol Dunham Juror, Phoenix, AZ

2016 AZ State Fair Exhibition (Ceramics & Sculpture) 4th Place Award, Phoenix, AZ